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    Hi, I’m Juan. I’m a visual artist born in the lands of South America. I moved to Texas in 2005, and received a bachelors degree in Fine Arts focusing in Studio Art from Sam Houston State University in 2010. I don’t take the word artist lightly. I have been in the states for over a decade, but don’t feel attached to any country. I believe the concept of countries and borders between humans only divide us and keeps us away from achieving collective wellness.

    The sacredness of nature and the divine feminine have become major subject matters in my work, the more I recognize their magic and power to transform us. They are the primordial source of beauty, inspiration, and life force.

    I’m a Gemini, as an air sign I’ve developed a passion for birds, their role in shamanic symbolism moves me.

    I love my family and circle of friends, their love and support have helped me become more positive and focused in life.
    I hope my work inspires you, I hope it brings you to the here and now, sparking new thoughts and conversations, or reassuring you of the ones you already have.

    I want us all to collectively rise, to achieve higher consciousness and change our global path to promising horizons. In every work I paint, I want that vibration to resonate.



    Currently living and working in Austin, Texas. U.S.A.